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Paying for student entries on their behalf

Time is quickly running out for ISBC entries to be submitted, so your time to enter is now! We have had multiple colleges reach out regarding a member of faculty being able to pay for student entries on their behalf. Worry no longer, we have an easy solution for this process so that students can get their entries submitted.

Firstly, you want your students to make a free ISBC account and log in. Our website is setup to link each user (Student entrant) to their award category. This is to make sure the right entries are going to the right judges and the right student entrant getting the credit at our award ceremony & name engraving on our custom-made gold medals.

The process is simple, here it is all laid out:

Get the student to create their entry.

Once signed in as themselves, the student will need to choose a category to make a new entry.

When prompted to, they'll search for their Station/College name and choose it from the list. If it doesn't exist yet, they can add it by providing some contact details.

The student will need to upload all required fields and files. Remember to make sure that the entry meets requirements and ticks all the boxes! 

On the next screen, the student will be presented with a message that pops up saying "Almost done, to complete your entry...".

At this point, they can copy the URL in the address bar of their web browser and send it to their lecturer/professor/teacher who can make the payment on their behalf.

That leads to part 2...

Apply a payment to the entry

Now that the entry has been created and all requirements met, you - the person making the payment will need your own account and to be logged in.

If you haven't already, get your students to send you the above URL from their entries. We’d suggest also making a document with their entry URL’s and their names, so you can cross check and make sure they’re all paid for. Once you've opened their entry URL, you can then click on the “Continue to payment” button and finish off the entry for them.


Further Help

If there is any problem you encounter with the process above or would like additional guidance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can email us – or fill in our contact form.