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About ISBC

Welcome to ISBC: The International Student Broadcasting Championship, an innovative platform dedicated to talent discovery and development on a global scale. Our competition serves as a launching pad for students seeking networking opportunities, talent and brand development, and promising career prospects within the media industry.

At ISBC, we embrace the diverse facets of media, covering areas such as radio broadcasting, video and digital content creation, and e-sports broadcasting. Our championship categories focus on ‘quality over quantity’ to showcase the very best potential within these fields.

ISBC is driven by a team of seasoned professionals deeply entrenched in the broadcast media and collegiate sphere. We are fueled by our passion for unearthing the next generation of content creators and ensuring they are granted the opportunities they deserve.

Our primary objective is to bridge the communication gap between the industry and graduates, particularly in the context of recruitment. We understand the significance of the transition from academia to the workforce, and thus, our focus lies in aiding graduates to find employment opportunities worldwide.

By connecting students and graduates with industry professionals, ISBC strives to unearth the most exceptional emerging talents globally. Through our competition, participants receive invaluable support, exposure, and opportunities to connect with potential employers on a global scale.

Our esteemed judges, who are industry professionals representing leading companies worldwide, lend their expertise to the evaluation and networking process.

To facilitate a seamless experience for participants, our competition website offers user-friendly submission processes, a membership login, a dedicated judge's portal, as well as a wealth of resources including competition and industry tips, advice, and support.

Join us at ISBC, where talent meets opportunity. Take part in an international championship that empowers you to realize your potential, provides you with the exposure you need, and opens doors to a world of possibilities within the media industry.