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ISBC Launches Worldwide

RAMP Media, a Perth-based media company, is proud to announce the launch of the International Student Broadcasting Championship (ISBC). This international media competition is an actively engaging student platform on a global level that assists students in networking, personal brand development, and, most importantly, job prospects.

ISBC was founded by leading industry and educational professionals who are passionate about college broadcasting and assisting students transition from graduate to the media industry. The competition will see all facets of media come together, from radio broadcasting to video and digital content creators and e-sports broadcasters.

The competition aims to find the best emerging talent in the world and expose them to the industry and potential employers on a global level. 

"Our primary focus is helping graduates find jobs and opportunities on an international scale," said Phillip Vinciullo, founder of ISBC. "We keep hearing from media groups and clients that there are holes in the entry-level job market. We believe ISBC can provide development, opportunities and solutions for graduates and industry."

ISBC's goal is to support students and graduates during the pivotal transition from campus to industry. "Our focus has always been talent development and the student journey," said Annwen Burrows, fellow founder of ISBC. "The most important part of that experience is the transition to the workforce - ISBC's goal is to support students and graduates in those pivotal times."

ISBC's judges are current professionals in broadcasting, podcasting, and the digital landscape, working for some of the biggest media companies in the world. Their diverse media backgrounds and extensive expertise provides an industry current evaluation process and ensures credibility and integrity of the competition. 

The competition's custom-built website features easy submission, membership login, judges portal, competition and industry tips, advice and support, and much more.

Membership to join ISBC is open to all and free, costs only apply to participate in the competition. Submissions for championship participation open on October 6th on World College Radio Day and close on November 8th. Entry fees are $9.99 USD per category entry. 

The winners of all awards will be announced at a live-streamed event on November 30th. 

For the latest information, visit ISBC.CO to create your login today.

ISBC Media Relations